Hiring venues for artistic events

Hiring Southbank Centre venues: Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room for artistic ticketed events.

Every year we put on hundreds of events ranging from free gigs to showpiece concerts from the world’s very best performers. Our incredibly diverse programme is renowned for extraordinary festivals like Meltdown as much as it is for its unrivalled classical season. What you may not know is that as part of our artistic programme we’ve room for a select number of public events from external organisers.

Which venue is right for you?

We have three fully-seated venues at Southbank Centre available for artistic hire. 

The Royal Festival Hall (2740 capacity) is world-famous and highly in demand, and owing to its scale isn’t suitable for all projects. Our experienced team will lead you through the options and work with you to ensure that the hire is a great fit for you. We welcome enquiries for bookings around 12-18 months in advance. Occasionally, we may be able to offer a date sooner than that.

We’re sprucing up Queen Elizabeth Hall (916 capacity) and Purcell Room (295 capacity) right now but from Spring 2018 we’ll have newly refurbished spaces, significantly enhanced acoustics and brighter, more attractive public areas available for booking. 

If you do hire one of our venues we’ll ensure that your event is as successful as possible. We’ll deliver the highest levels of production, event management, box office, front of house and marketing support so that when you take to the stage of one of the world’s foremost arts venues, you’ll know you have a great team behind you.

Promoter guidelines

Download further information on hire rates, seating plans, branding, technical specifications, health and safety and more.

See our Promoter guidelines

Commercial hire, photoshoots and filming

For private events ranging from photo shoots, weddings and product launches to AGMs and corporate events, please get in touch with our Commercial Events or Venue hire teams.

Commercial events hire

Venue and wedding hire

Want to perform at Southbank Centre?

If you or your artists are interested in exhibitions, installations or want to be part of our festivals and programmed events - rather than putting on your own event - see our guide below to getting involved with the Southbank Centre. 

Find out about being part of our programme/festivals

next steps

We’ve designed this process to make sure that the events are successful for everyone involved.

  1. Register your interest in holding an event using our booking form below
  2. The Artistic Rentals team will assess your proposal and undertake various checks before approaching our Planning team to discuss possible future dates
  3. If everyone is happy, we’ll propose a suitable financial model and give you a named team member to work closely with throughout
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